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About Us

The school was renamed `SHAURYA ARMY PRE SCHOOL' 39 GTC in Jan 2008 and again as the COBRA 'ARMY PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL', 39 GTC wef Feb 2012. The school has adopted the motto " FREEDOM TO GROW"and follows the AWES guidelines. spread over a 5 acre plot, the school comprises of the Nursery, LKG & UKG classes with 3 sections each. The school presently has wards of 3 & 9 GR, other arms and forces and civil persons.
The school has grown from strength to strength over the years and today is a model of modern day montessori teaching.

The class rooms have been given distinct colour identities and amenities to cater for the mental growth, curiosity and requirement of the children. The vibrant colours and themes are reflected in the vibrancy exuded by the children and their affection for the institution. A 'Smart Class Room" was established separately and utilized extensively to introduce children to interactive smart learning, apart from the existing audio visual facility in each class room, which are being replaced by the new ones. The school also comprises of recently upgraded Activity Room, Library, Play Room, Infirmary, a sand pit, a play square, a junior basket ball court, Botanical garden, covered assembly ground and stage with sound system. The school toilets have been refurbished with bright colours, sensor based faucets and taps making them the envy of the entire station. The school has gained popularity and a larger number of guardians are admitting their wards in the school. The school is now also attactting students from the civil.

Developing your child's full potential is our goal.
The APPS Varanasi aims at all round development of the child with the following objectives:

1. To develop adequate muscular coordination and basic motor skills in the child.
2. To develop good health habits.
3. To develop desirable social attitudes.
4. To develop emotional maturity.
5. To encourage aesthetic appreciation in the child.
6. To stimulate in the child the beginnings of intellectual curiosity.
7. To encourage in the child independence and creativity.
8. To develop in the child the ability to express his/her thoughts.
9. All possible modern facilities and opportunities are provided to develop their personality and qualities through a series of activities in games, sports, hobbies and cultural field.
10. To promote the development of children's intellectual physical, social and emotional needs.
11. Provided a safe warm and loving environment where children feel happy and confident.
12. Finaly trusting and communicative relationship between children , parents and staff.