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Located in a pollution free environment of 39 Gorkha Training Centre, surrounded by many perennial and fruit bearing trees ,the school comprises of the Nursery, LKG & UKG classes with 3 sections of Nursery and 4 sections of LKG & UKG each. The teacher student ratio is restricted to 1:25 which enables us to give personal care and attention and impart quality education to each and every child.
The school follows Montessori Methodology, with lot of importance given to our rich & varied cultural values & ethics.

The school buildings are colorful, Class rooms are spacious, well ventilated and a cooler is provided in each one of them.
Each classroom is given a distinct COLOR CODE,
Every classroom has its own AUDIO VISUAL learning aid which is controlled from an audio visual control room, apart from the other learning aids like flash cards, puppets, etc
An air conditioned SMART CLASS ROOM established separately and utilized extensively to introduce the children to `Smart interactive Learning'.
PLAY ROOM with many toys
Well equipped ACTIVITY ROOM with many activity learning tool.
A Well Stocked LIBRARY
An INFIRMARY, for sick and first aid facility. Regular medical examinations and Dental checkups are conducted here.
Covered Sand pit, A play square, Botanical garden with fiber animals
Many swings and slides, A MULTY PLAY STATION to be installed in near future.
CLEAN TOILETS with brightly colored tiles, fitted with SENSOR BASED FAUCETS.
Children are always escorted by maids while going to toilets.
Water coolers with AQUAGUARD provide clean drinking water, which are maintained regularly.

Teacher's Training:
Our teachers are a highly dedicated & professional team. Trained in Montessori method of teaching, all have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher- patience and understanding. They have the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express themselves and learn.
Regular workshops are also conducted for the teachers of the school to enable them to become more effective and also to keep them in touch with the latest in the theories of teaching and guidance.